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Transfer Money to Vietnam

Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ offers fast and dependable services for those sending money from the United States to Vietnam. Recipients in big cities can usually receive funds delivered to their door within a few hours. (Funds delivered to the Highland area may take 1-2 days to arrive.)

Transfer Money to Vietnam Online

LE’s customers can now transfer money online through Sharemoney! Visit to send money to Vietnam with the same trusted brand and low fees.  

  • 24-hour delivery

  • Funds delivered in US dollars

New user of Sharemoney? Go to ShareMoneyBlog to see if there is a promotion running at this time. You may be eligible for a free transfer or other prizes!

In-person Money Transfers

Customers can visit one of our 13 branches or more than 170 agent locations to conduct an in person money transfer.

  • 24-hour delivery

  • Funds delivered in currency of customer’s choice

  • Membership cards available for faster processing

  • Customers can opt to send a message or letter to beneficiaries with the money free of charge

  • Confirmation of receipt available upon request

  • Raffles, contests, and chances to win prizes available at many Le’s branches

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