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Other Services of Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ

In addition to fast, cheap and reliable money transfers to Vietnam, Le Gởi Tiền Lẹ offers its customers various additional services that makes life easier for them and their loved ones at home.

Prepaid Phone Cards

LE has exclusive contracts with phone card distributors, which allows LE to have its own designed worldwide-prepaid phone cards with LE’s name and logo. LE’s phone cards are very well known in the Vietnamese community for best quality and reasonable price. Customers can find these phone cards at LE’s branches and agents.

Cell Phone Rental

LE is the first and only company that provides cell phone rental service at major airports in Vietnam. Overseas customers can go to any LE’s branches and agents to fill out rental form. The cell phone number to be used in Vietnam will be given to customers at the time they fill out a rental form. Once they arrive at the airport in Vietnam, they can pick up the cell phone and return it at the same location at the end of their trip.

Ticket Master for Vietnamese Entertainment

LE branches are well known in the Vietnamese community as a ticket box office for Vietnamese Entertainment and special cultural events. Customers can come to LE’s branches to buy tickets in advance for performances in the community at discounted prices.

Travel Services

Some of LE branches and agents provide full travel services with specialization in travel to Asia. Customers can enjoy the great discount on airfares and tours to Asia and around the world.


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