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send money to vietnam with Le 

Send Money and Gifts to Vietnam

We now offer LE’s customers a convenient way to send money online through Sharemoney! Visit sharemoney.com to transfer money to Vietnam today with the same trusted brand and low fees.

How to Send Money to Vietnam

At LE’s branches, first time customers are given membership cards with their personal Customer ID number and information. LE’s cashiers will input customers and beneficiaries’ information into LE’s computer system. A receipt will be printed out for money collection and customer signature. Money is sent within minutes. US dollars will be delivered to beneficiaries in Vietnam within 24 hours by LE’s couriers.

One free-of-charge whole page of message/letter from senders to beneficiaries can be delivered along with the money if customers wish to do so. The next day, customers can go back to LE’s branches or agents to pick up a signed confirmation receipt with messages from their relatives. Returning customers who already have a Customer ID number with their information in LE’s database will receive faster service.

With their membership card, customers also automatically join our Loyalty Program in which they earn 1 Golden Point for every $100.00 they send to Vietnam. They can redeem their accumulated points for LE’s custom made gifts. LE branches frequently have promotions going on for customers such as lucky draws and contests with prizes.

At some LE’s agents, who are equipped with computer systems, sending money is similar to how it happens at LE’s branches. At other agents, who are not computerized, customers fill out the order forms and pay the agents directly. At the end of the day, agents fax a list of transactions to LE headquarters where the information will be input into our database. Transfers will be forwarded to Vietnam for delivery together with LE branches transactions. The next day, LE Headquarters will provide the confirmation receipts to agents for customers to pick up.

The following chart shows our payout time in line with the payout locations:

Payout Locations and Times






(Urban & Rural Areas)


Within 24 hours



At remote areas in Can Gio, Thu Duc, Cu Chi, Hoc Mon…


Within 1 – 2 days



In cities and towns.

With street numbers


Within 1 – 2 days


At remote areas

Without street numbers


Within 2 – 3 days



In cities and towns.

With street numbers


Within 1 –2 days


At remote areas

Without street numbers


Within 2 – 3 days

Send money to Vietnam online


LE has exclusive contracts with Sony, Honda, Sanyo, IBM & Electrolux, in which customers can place orders in the US and the products will be delivered to their relatives in Vietnam. These companies have factories in Vietnam to manufacture products that are designed for Vietnam market with electric voltage 220V instead of 110V and TV Pal system, Secam system instead of NTSC. Sony offers products such as TV, VCR, DVD player, and camcorders… Honda offers the most well known motorbikes in Vietnam. Sanyo offers refrigerators and washers/dryers. IBM computer systems and Electrolux electrical products are also highly demanded in Vietnam.

Customers can place an order from a catalog at LE’s offices and pay to LE’s cashiers or agents.  LE transfers the money to manufacturers in Vietnam.  Manufacturers will deliver the products to their family in Vietnam within 1-3 days depending on distance and kinds of products. Customers will receive aconfirmation for their order with a thank you message and pictures of their relatives taken when receiving the products.

LE is the first and only company that has these exclusive contracts to serve the Vietnamese community in the United States and Canada.


Similar to electronic products, customers can come to LE’s branches or agents to place an order of fresh flower and many other gifts to be delivered to recipient’s home in Vietnam. Gifts range from birthday cakes, perfume, wine, tea, fresh fruit and many household small electronic products. Deliveries are made within 1-3 days depending on distance and products. We have special packages that cater to special holidays and occasions such as Christmas trees with decorations for Christmas, red roses and chocolate for Valentine, and birthday cake & balloons for birthday. LE has become a one stop shop for Vietnamese American when they have special occasions for their friends & relatives in Vietnam such as Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Christmas and Vietnamese New Year.


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